Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Larkin Sumerlin in Guatemala CCMP

Beeson student Larkin Sumerlin recently returned from Guatemala for his CCMP.  Larkin is very seriously considering returning to Guatemala one day as a full-time missionary. A couple of pictures and stories:

Last week I went to 2 different schools and a children's home in Coban, Guatemala.  I had the opportunity to teach English and share a devotion with the children on being thankful, and in finding their identity in Christ and not in the world. We also got to have some time to play and talk with them. They are such smart children here! When they finish school they will have been taught three languages (Spanish, English, and French).  I have found so much love and compassion among these people. God has done great things during my time here so far. 

  This week I am tutoring math in a school in Guatemala City, and I am also building relationships with our denominations church here in the city. This week it is me and the team leader/interpreter, so I'm seeing more of what it's like as a missionary, and not on a mission team. It's very different, and I'm learning lots.  

A married couple with two children of their own started the home which now houses between 20-25 children. The government goes into the mountain villages and removes these children from their families because the parents cannot afford to care for them. I was told this as we were leaving the home, and I was stunned. The smiles and joy on these children's faces would never have revealed they had been taken away from their parents and siblings. They were such a blessing to me, and were filled with such peace. They are being well ministered to and cared for in that home. 

Both pictures are from the children's home
mentioned above