Monday, June 2, 2014


A village where they served
Right now we have several Beeson students in Lima, Peru for their CCMP:  Kyle and Rebekah DeBoer and Josh and Rachel Steele.

Of all the things they have experienced, one of the most significant is conducting a medical clinic this past Friday that was designed to both help the local people and also point them to Christ.  The following entry is from their blog:

It was awesome to be able to come together as a team and pull the mobile clinic off. Evelyn Stone orchestrated much of the planning, including lining up the external medical professionals to be there. David Stone drove the truck like a pro, and orchestrated setup and tear down regarding the truck, in addition to providing supervision, and Spanish help to Josh when he needed it (lol)...
Rachel Steele using her gifts
to serve the needy in Peru

Please be in prayer both for the people they are serving and for God to speak clearly to our students while they are serving Him.

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A local baptism