Sunday, June 29, 2014

SU student Anna Bethea in Cuba

Samford student Anna Bethea on her trip to Cuba:

We were in Havana working on construction on a Methodist church. We also spent lots of time experiencing the Methodist church in Cuba and learning about life in Cuba.

I think it is incredible to see how alive the church is in Cuba. We would attend services that lasted three hours, and I didn't want to leave at the end of those three hours. It is incredible to see how difficult it is to live in Cuba. There is simply no way to break free from their cycle of poverty, so they cling to the freedom found through their faith. In the words of our bus driver, "It is impossible to survive in Cuba without faith in Christ." I want to abandon myself to Christ like these people must do each day.

I chose this picture (above) because these children are the hope of Cuba. Their faith is incredible. Cuba is experiencing a resurgence of the Christian faith, and if these children continue spreading the gospel through future generations, it will be incredible what God will do in Cuba. 

This picture shows a sheet that people from my home church traced their hands on before we left. The people of our Cuban church put their hands over our traced hands on this sheet and prayed. It is amazing that although we have almost nothing in common, we are united by our faith in Christ. And that is enough to bind us together forever.