Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hannah Reynolds in India

Hannah updated me on her time in India over a week ago.  Please be in prayer for God to continue to do great things:

We began the trip in North India surveying water wells in the local villages and looking for people of peace with whom to share the good news. Now, due to unforeseen circumstances with another team, we're headed to the South to bring the Word into slums, train women in the Word, and engage people in coffeeshops. 

The most encouraging thing for me occurred about 2 weeks ago. After surveying some wells in one village, our translator felt like it was time to share with the hundred or so people who had gathered around--people who had never heard the good news, not even once, in their entire lives. He asked me to share the story of how the Lamb changed my life, so I shared about how He rescued me and His story of salvation. Afterwards, the translator (who has also planted several places of praise) took over and spoke for 10-15 minutes, gaining the crowd's attention and participation. At the end, he asked if anyone would like to receive the Lamb, and a young man's hand shot up. He became the first follower, and now, even though we're leaving, the translator can disciple him to change the rest of his village!