Friday, July 18, 2014

Heaven, Hell, and a Vision from God in Southeast Asia

The picture and story below are from friends of mine during my time in Southeast Asia.  After receiving their newsletter I asked if I could share it with you.  Be encouraged! 

Dear friends and family,

Strange picture? There is a strange story to go with it about a man we met just the other day. Don was a proud fanatic whose goal in life was to convince people to become Cousins. Don mocked the idea that IAM had died to cover the debt of the world. He was effective in his work, in part due to his authority as a descendant of the royal family in Pepper Port. One day everything changed.

Don fell sick with a high fever. His family took him to the hospital. In a haze he heard the doctor say there was nothing else that could be done. Don had the strange feeling of watching the drama unfold beneath him as he drifted up toward the ceiling. Through the roof of the hospital, then above the clouds, Don saw 2 entrances, one to heaven and one to hell. He heard an authoritative voice ask him where he was going. Don didn’t know. Don was then asked in whom he believed. Don responded that he believed in the One Lord. The voice declared that only those believing in IAM were permitted in heaven. As Don was dragged into the fires of hell, he cried out to IAM.

Don realized was lying under a sheet. He whipped off the sheet and sat up. Orderlies taking Don’s corpse to the morgue screamed and scattered in all directions. A heated argument broke out between the doctor and Don’s family. Don spoke up for the doctor. He had indeed been dead. But he was now alive and was no longer a Cousin. He would now be a follower of IAM.

Don explained that when he cried out to IAM, he was immediately pulled away from the flames. Don was given 2 tasks before returning to life: Proclaim the name of IAM, and love his neighbor. For 30 years Don has been obedient to the command. He has brought many to know IAM but few from his own Coffee People of Pepper Port. Don told us he wanted to team with us to reach his people. We are making plans with Don to do exactly that.