Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mark DeYmaz on the Homogenous Unit Principle

  • Did Donald McGavran intend for churches to remain segregated when he wrote the Homogeneous Unit Principle?
  • Is it always wrong to employ the Homogeneous Unit Principle?  Is it racist?  
  • Does the Bible mandate ethnic diversity for church congregations?  
  • If you try to integrate ethnic groups who don't speak English well into the main service, won't they just get lost and eventually leave the church?
  • Is it possible to both integrate people from various languages without simply starting a de facto separate congregation?
  • Is there a practical model that can help my church work through these issues?  
In "Should Pastors Accept or Reject the Homogeneous Unit Principle", Mark DeYmaz answers these questions and more.  It's a short digital download for $4.99