Sunday, July 6, 2014

Outreach in a Brooklyn Park

This past week several Beeson students were able to lead an outreach in a local park designed to help children and connect with adults.  While the goal of meeting lots of parents wasn't exactly what they had hoped, there was the unexpected surprise of a local day-care jumping on board, bringing their children, and offering their friendship to Pastor Stephen of Mosaic.  Stephen is excited about having yet another new connection in the community.

The good vibe around the neighborhood because of the church renovation has continued.  Neighbors kept poking their heads in to see what was going on and to meet Stephen. 

We've learned of various situations that have occurred this year that have been challenging for the Stallards as they have moved in to challenge the darkness and bring the light of a gospel-centered church. After another challenging and stressful situation happened in their building (long story) on Thursday, I sensed that they needed a few days to relax.  The Stallards are hosting teams all Summer and they'll have a youth group coming in this week with 50 young people.  Stephen was going to Sonya and Malia (their 1 1/2 year old little girl) up to Vermont - a six hour drive - on Thursday evening and then come directly back to join us for a 4th of July party with people in the neighborhood.  I asked him to instead consider staying in Vermont for a few days with his family and trusting us to go to this neighborhood get-together and represet Mosaic.  He accepted and the Beeson students did well in the cross-cultural environment that included mostly African-Americans and Carribean-Americans.  

Joseph and Whittney led worship for the VBS-like outreach

The kids loved Lyle!

Kyle comforts an upset little girl who "got hurt" (i.e. She lost the two-legged race)

With a renewed focus and determination, she is NOT going to drop this egg!

Lyle and Joseph after joining in a dance at the 4th of July party - talking to Daryl, 
our new friend.

Beeson students, a group from Texas, and Sonya Stallard's parents - the entire
group working on the renovation last week.