Friday, July 25, 2014

Sam Hutchins CCMP in Jamaica

What are you doing in Jamaica?

I am doing quite a bit here. .  Most nights there is a service of some kind where I am at.  The church and pastors house is at the same compound.  There is church on Sundays, bible study, young converts class, youth fellowship, and prayer meeting.  The pastors house has a steady stream of people who come in.  During the day we have done hospital visits and have gone to minister to members of the church.  He has lived in Mandeville so long that when we are driving around, even doing errands, we are constantly encountering people he knows.

Most interesting story so far

The most interesting thing was on Tuesday we did a feeding program to feed the "mad" people of the surrounding area.  These are individuals who are truly lowly of this world by world standards.  Police and people use to harass Pastor Oneil when he was doing this.  Over time their hearts have been softened.  We were able to without hindrance serve the less fortunate.  It was powerful stuff.  I was in the back of a rickety van putting together meals with other church members while driving.  Some people call the van the bread bus.  He has developed a great testimony amongst many of the people here.  

This is a funeral Sam attended while he was in Jamaica. Funerals are seen as community events and you're not expected to know the deceased in order to attend.