Monday, July 28, 2014

SU student Caitlin Bowman in South Asia

Samford student Caitlin Bowman recently shared her experience in South Asia with me:

Thanks for reminding me (to send it), here is my story :)

Wow. I have said that word more on this trip than I have in my entire life. From the rich culture, to the hospitality I’ve received, to the number of tribal languages, to the way people drive; Disney puts it best, South Asia is a whole new world. I’ve been asked to write out a snippet of something that impacted me on this trip. A brief summary of this month long trip would never do it justice, but in order fit the snippet requirement I have decided to talk about one woman in particular whose story made a great impact on me. 

Her name is Marta. I met her in Mirik; a beautiful village community nestled in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Marta was a part of my small group at the Bible conference that our mission organization put on in Mirik. She was one of the first ladies that raised her hand when I asked who was willing to share their testimony to the group. Marta began her story by saying her father was the first Christian in her family and that she came to know the Lord after she witnessed his brave example of martyrdom. One day a man came into her village and threatened to kill anyone that professed to be Christian. She said that for three days her father hid out of fear but on the third day he boldly professed to be Christian even though the man would take his life. 

Marta’s family saw the transformation in their father when he became a Christian, but it wasn’t until her father gave up his life that Marta saw the genuineness of Christianity. When Marta decided to believe in Jesus and follow him, she accepted that she might eventually face the same fate as her father. Wow just wow. If I have learned anything from my stay in India it is that the church of India is alive and on fire for Jesus. Marta’s story is just one example of the many Christians in India that are willing to suffer for the gospel!