Thursday, July 24, 2014

SU Student Katie Hammond in Venezuela

What They're Doing

We are in Maracaibo Venezuela serving the Wayuu people with the ministry "Bread of Hope." Our team of 26 from Alpharetta, Georgia has been serving alongside a few local churches in Maracaibo who's focus is to proclaim the Gospel and to make Christ's name famous. We have held eye clinics where we performed eye exams and distributed eyeglasses. We also organized 5 carnivals for the Wayuu children in their communities and even a public school. We have distributed food to families who live in the poorest conditions I have ever seen. God is at work here, we have seen many seeds be planted as a result of the carnivals and eye clinics. They have opened opportunities for small groups to be held among various groups and we have seen many come to faith in Christ. 

Most Memorable Experience

The most memorable experience by far was our visit to the city dump. The Wayuu people are known as the "people of the trash" because they make their living off of finding items in this dump to eat or sell. Thousands of these people actually live inside of the dump. We visited the landfill and saw about 200 people searching through garbage for something that had value. It broke my heart to see this because the hope of the Wayuu is in trash. But isn't this just like all lost people? We all place our hope I something and if it is not in Christ, it is in a different form of trash.