Friday, July 11, 2014

Two pastors killed, pro-Russian militants take over Christian University in Ukraine

Below is a prayer update for Ukraine from Mike Manna. We served together with Youth Ministry International. He and his family lived there for ten years, eventually turning over the youth ministry training to Ukrainians. 

Please pray for the war continuing in Eastern Ukraine and the Christians living there too. Since there are other hot spots in the world now, Ukraine's conflict has been missing on American news. We just heard from our missionary friend's, the Parlows, about how Dontesk Christian University - a similar school to Kiev Theological Seminary where I worked at - has been taken over by the rebels. The Parlows wrote, "We have just received word that Donetsk Christian University has been taken over, two pastors have been killed, and our friend, Oleg Shtein, has been taken prisoner. Please be in prayer for him!"

Then I later read this update on the situation at Donetsk Christian University (DCU) from Oleksii Melnychuk: "Dear friends, by God's grace Oleg Shtein is home. He had to stay all the day on campus because the separatists fighters were searching the campus. Finally their bought the paper from their higher officers that they are empowered to take over DCU campus. Currently they plan to occupy the students dormitory and demanded to move all people out of that building. Some DCU staff remain staying in staff building. However, the occupants indicated that if needed they may use other campus building in the future. Note: the pastors killed or suffered in the area are not DCU staff. Please pray about Oleg Shtein and other DCU staff on campus since they need God's protection from those unpredictable occupants."

This is an example of the serious problems that are still in Donetsk and Luhansk and how it is effecting the Christian community.Keep praying!

Here is an article from Christianity Today discussing the same situation.