Thursday, August 21, 2014

SU Student Lucy Bevill in France

A reflection from Lucy Bevill, who recently went to Marseille, France

I served in Marseille, France this summer for 5 weeks. I worked with Muslims from North Africa who were coming and going from North Africa on ferries. We distributed Bibles and the Jesus film to these travelers. We also worked in the city of Marseille. 

The most encouraging thing that I experienced was seeing God answer prayer immediately and miraculously. This summer there were Jehovah's Witnesses working in our same location. We simply began to pray for them to leave and God made it happen. 

I also was encouraged by how a team of college students from around the country could come and work together to spread the name of Jesus. These are very simple things that should not be shocking to me, but it reminded me that our God is good and works in America and overseas.