Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Don't "Just Be a Local Pastor"

Can an older established church become truly missions-driven?

How can our church give to missions on a new level if we're still paying debt?  Can that really happen in a responsible way?

If we are all to be "goers" or "senders," how can a local pastor truly lead the way in the sending?

As a missionary spending 6 months stateside in 2008, I went to my first Global Impact Conference at Shades Mountain Baptist Church and had every pre-conception about established churches and missions completely blown out of the water.  After seeing how God was using the church and considering statistics such as 1000 church members a year going on a short-term missions trip, I initiated a lunch with Jeremy Griem, the missions pastor, who I knew from our days as Beeson students.  When I asked how this happened, he quickly pointed to the vision and leadership of Pastor Danny Wood.  Immediately my conception of how important a pastor can be in terms of our global Great Commission changed.

I now teach missions to a group of students who will mostly go into the pastorate locally.  Although I pray God will pick off as many as possible to go directly into the mission field, I do not consider the former fact a consolation.  I have great motivation and hope towards the goal of equipping current and future pastors to lead their church on God's global mission.