Thursday, March 5, 2015

Missiography 2015

As the Global Center prepares to celebrate World Christianity Focus Week (April 13-17th), we are inviting other schools on campus to participate in an event called Missiography. Last year the event went very well and featured over 40 photos from Samford employees, students, and alumni illustrating world Christianity and global needs. 

Each photograph is to be accompanied by a short description and the name of the photographer. The Global Center will pay for them to be enlarged, printed, and prepared for the gallery. Students, faculty, and staff from all departments of Samford are invited to participate. We would love to see campus-wide participation. 

As stated above, we are looking for pictures that illustrate world Christianity and/or global needs. More specifically, we are looking for photos that tell a story and have an artistic bent towards them. In other words, less staged group photos and more in the moment pictures with multiple meanings. Think "National Geographic meets missions." Photographs will need to be at least 1 mb in size (2mb and above is preferable). The deadline for submissions is March 30, 2015. 

During World Christianity Focus Week, these pictures will be displayed in the halls of the Divinity School. However, if your department wishes to house them in your own halls, please notify us. On Wednesday, April 15 at 12pm, we would like to gather all the Missiography photos and their photographers in the Global Center for a Missiography Greet & Eat.

After the Missiography event, a number of these photos will be selected to be displayed in the library from April 20 to May 1.

Please send your pictures to the Global Center by emailing them to 

For more information, please contact Colton Conrad via email (

Thank You,


P.S.  There is a fine line between highlighting global needs in a way that motivates people to glorify God by meeting those needs and simply taking advantage of a situation to get a picture that people will like. Most of you already know this, of course. I just wanted you to know that we will try to be discerning in this process.