Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Missiography today!

Today is Missiography - the event!  While you are welcome to browse the pictures and stories anytime this week, we're having a "meet and greet" today at 12 - 1pm.  Come and browse the photos, have some snacks and drinks, and ask a photographer or two about their photos.

Missiography is simply a picture and a story that illustrates a global need and/or world Christianity.  Students, faculty, and staff are invited to share their stories and pictures.  This is our third year to have it and it's always been one of the more fun and meaningful things that we do.  Please join us!

In the Global Center we have a selection of photographs from Jon and Tanya Parks - Beeson alumni and missionaries to the Roma people.  You may know them as "gypsies" - the Roma people, not the Parks :) 

A Samford employee has shared some pictures of a great uncle who was a missionary to Thailand (Siam) and had to abruptly return home - only to make their way back on the Titanic!  You'll have to come and meet her to find out if the family survived :)

In the Divinity School main hallway