Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Smoke on the Martyrs

Below is an excerpt of an article I wrote that is now published at the Gospel Coalition website.

This is difficult to write. I don't enjoy disagreeing with those who are trying to raise awareness for the persecuted church.  

We are in the midst of a clear global upsurge of attacks on Christians. In the last year we've seen major atrocities in Kenya, Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, and other places as well. Make no mistake. The large majority of this is clearly from radical Islam and, although the majority of Muslims are not violent, an astonishingly high percentage are sympathetic to extremist violence.

In the midst of this we see almost no concern on the part of the leadership of the United States. As Christians have been beheaded in dramatically produced videos designed to recruit more Muslim extremists and strike fear into the rest of the world, condemnation from the White House regarding the targeting of Christians has been underwhelming.  

And in this moment when clear, consistent, and accurate voices are needed, Christians in the West are blowing a cloud of smoke into the issue by hanging their hats on a discredited and debunked statistic. There are simply not 100,000 Christian martyrs every year.

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